Ca Technologies License Agreement

  • 2022.09.25
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CA Technologies License Agreement: Understanding the Basics

As a consumer or business owner, acquiring software is not just about buying the product, but also understanding the terms of use. A software license agreement, also known as an end-user license agreement (EULA), is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions under which you, as the end user, can use the software. One of the most well-known software providers with such an agreement is CA Technologies.

CA Technologies, now a part of Broadcom, is a software company that delivers a range of enterprise applications, infrastructure software, and security solutions. If you’re planning to use any of its products, it is important to take the time to understand its license agreement to avoid any legal or financial consequences. Here are some key areas to consider:

Scope of Use

The CA Technologies License Agreement outlines the scope of use, which refers to the number of devices or users that can access the software. For instance, depending on the license type, you may be able to use the software on one device or multiple devices, and for a specified number of users. It is important to make sure you comply with this requirement to prevent any legal action.


The license agreement also outlines the restrictions on the use of the software. These restrictions may include limiting the number of installations, prohibiting the resale of the software, and preventing unauthorized access to the software. It is important to read and understand these restrictions to avoid any legal consequences.

Term and Termination

The license agreement will specify the term of use and the conditions under which the license can be terminated. Some licenses may be perpetual, which means they do not expire, while others may expire after a specified period. Understanding the term and termination conditions is important to avoid any disruption of your business operations.

Intellectual Property Rights

The license agreement may also include information about the ownership and protection of the intellectual property rights associated with the software. This information may include any copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets that CA Technologies owns relating to the software. It is important to understand these rights to avoid any legal issues related to infringement.

Upgrades and Maintenance

The license agreement may also outline the terms of maintenance and upgrades for the software. Some licenses may include automatic updates and maintenance, while others may require additional fees to access these services. Understanding the upgrade and maintenance conditions can help you plan and budget for the future.


In conclusion, the CA Technologies License Agreement is an important document for anyone planning to use its products. Understanding the scope of use, restrictions, term and termination, intellectual property rights, and upgrades and maintenance is crucial to avoid any legal or financial consequences. Take the time to read and understand the license agreement to protect your business and ensure that you comply with all the stated conditions.